Mendev was once little more than a small kingdom inhabited by the descendants of Iobarian exiles. The Worldwound’s opening and the subsequent Crusades forced the development of the nation, and it is now a burgeoning hot-pot of pilgrims, crusaders, opportunistic rogues, and a simmering clash of cultures from south and north. The borders of the country are protected from the encroaching Worldwound by the wardstones… at least for now.


Crusader theocracy
Alignment: LG
Capital: Nerosyan
Government: Monarchy led by Crusader Queen Galfrey
Languages: Common, Hallit
Religion: Iomedae

Map of Mendev
Mendev – PathfinderWiki


Egelsee River: Marks the southern border of Mendev with Numeria. Provides pure, fresh water to the capital and numerous fisheries.

Estrovian Forest: A cursed and dangerous forest haunted by the stag-horned hernes. Location of Herne’s Oak.

Jellicoe Bay: A wide bay in the Lake of Mists and Veils north of Egede. Location of the Jutland Wrecks.

Lake of Mists and Veils: Source of the Sellen River. On the onset of winter, the warm water “steams” as the chill of night sets in.

West Sellen River: Marks the western border of Mendev with the Worldwound. Part of the Sellen River system.


Dubrov: Small village on the western edge of the Estrovian Forest. Its primary industry consists of bowyers and fletchers.

Egede: Mendev’s gateway to the rest of the world, and an important trade port. Many crusaders come through here, whether coming from the south through to the Worldwound, or taking a well-earned vacation from the fronts.

Kenabres: The centre of radical zealot and witch-hunting factions of the crusaders. It is also responsible for managing the defenses of Mendev’s northern frontier. The city is protected by an ancient silver dragon, Terendelev.

Krega: A small town on the edge of the Estrovian Forest that acts as a stop on the crusade route between Egede and the Worldwound. Recently suffered a demon attack that destroyed many of its buildings and infrastructure.

Nerosyan, the Diamond of the North: Fortress-city capital of Mendev. Laid out in a diamond pattern in the angle between the West Sellen River and the Egelsee River, it is designed from the ground up to withstand the worst demon attacks.

Tala: A fortress-monastery run by a cloistered order of monks from numerous faiths named the Brotherhood of Tala. An infiltration and betrayal by a demon has resulted in the monks refusing to open the gates to any strangers.

Valas’ Gift: A small farming village and is essential to fill the stomachs of Mendev’s crusaders. Its spring was blessed by a fallen crusader hero, and the water now makes the land exceptionally fertile.

Zharech: A small, rough-and-tumble town south of Kenabres. Features a popular gladiator ring with frequent bouts.

Sites of Interest

Bogilar Fortress: A frontier fortress north of Nerosyan, originally built by the demon-cursed Bogilar clan.

Castle Suma: A frontier fortress south of Zharech, built into the side of a massive crag.

Herne’s Oak: The burial site of the first herne, Herne Vilhaur, who was cursed by the then-druids of the forest.

Icerift Castle: An abandoned, half-complete castle. The workers and their guards were slaughtered and had their hearts ripped out; the place has been declared anathema ever since.

Jutland Wrecks: The remains of Issian pirate lord fleets that were caught up in a massive storm. Now haunted by fey and undead.

Star Keep: A frontier fortress north of Nerosyan, manned only by a small force of paladins.


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