Lucina Sheridan



- Raised in Valas’ Gift, a small farming village north of Kenabres
- Her ancestors were originally from Sarkoris, but had to flee to Mendev due to the Worldwound opening
- Her parents raised horses, primarily for the crusaders; they were well known to breed strong warhorses
- Lucina talked to the horses a lot; people thought it was cute when she was young, but as she grew older and did not outgrow the habit, people thought she was a bit odd.

- Around the onset of puberty, she began to have dreams of a unicorn turning into a sword that would come to her aid in fighting demons; over time, the visions became increasingly clear and more detailed
- Not long before her thirteenth birthday, Lucina started to get constant shoulder/backaches and headaches
- One day, while laying in bed with high fever, nubs appeared around scapula and her hair started to glow
- Over the next few hours, small wings broke through her skin and hair turned into heatless flames

- A local Sarenite priest, Aers Athtai, said this must be a sign from his Goddess, as Lucina shared Sarenrae’s flaming hair and the dreams seemed to be related to one of the Dawnflower’s servants, Mistmorning
- She was sent to Kenabres after she recovered from the shock of her transformation to be raised under the guidance of the larger church there
- Lucina was largely mentored by a paladin of Sarenrae by the name of Leilani Keltas, whom she grew to respect highly

- Nowadays, Lucina is coming close to her graduation from training at the temple and is due to be anointed a true paladin of the church at the upcoming Armasse festival
- Her major goal is to free Sarkoris by sealing the gateway to the Abyss
- She also wants to spread the word of her goddess about redemption—too often, especially with the Witch Hunters, people are hated and killed for nothing, but Lucina believes everyone has a chance to turn towards the dawn’s light! (No doubt something Leilani Keltas taught her.)
- Lucina also wants to make friends and generally meet new people, she’s had a rather closeted childhood in a small village and then in a temple and she wants to stretch her wings! (Literally)

Lucina Sheridan

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